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Why Attend

The volume of data is doubling every two years and moving to the cloud at an unprecedented pace. At Informatica World 2017, you’ll get everything you need to prepare yourself to meet next generation data challenges -- from big picture advice to hands-on learning.

Take Your Data Management to the Next Level

We live in a world where data is becoming every company’s most strategic asset. It’s the new control point that is at the center of every business strategy and decision.


What You'll Get

You’re a business leader charged with sifting through expanding sources of data and tying it all together to create new business models, inform new business processes, and improve customer centricity.

Become the Source of Digital Transformation

Get enterprise-class advice and solutions for end-to-end data management and walk away with ideas to provide increased value to your organization.

You’re an IT leader who understands the big picture business problem and are responsible for building the internal systems to fulfill your company’s business vision.

Evolve and Scale Your Tech

Do you need to figure out how to integrate and manage data of various types, from various sources, stored on-premise or in the cloud? Ensure data quality, security, governance, and accurate analysis? And, make it scalable? Be the hero that brings it all together with platform-agnostic knowledge you can use to leverage your existing solutions.

You’re the pro who knows how to use Informatica products, so you need to understand what the latest technologies can do and how to optimize them.

Sharpen your Expertise

Meet with Informatica engineers, product managers, executives and partners to get the answers you seek. Dive deep and get hands-on experience with the products. Plus, learn about complementary solutions to make your job easier. You’ll walk away ready to do much more than database administration.