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If you are an Architect or Senior IT Leader planning or executing transformative initiatives for your organization, join us on Thursday May 18 for Architecture Day. This is a full day event with leading architects and thought-leaders who will share their approaches, challenges, and best practices for building data management architectures to accelerate their businesses.

Architecture Day is included in your Full Conference or Day Pass for May 18!

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Thursday, May 18, 2017
9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Moscone West

Digital transformation can either be the business opportunity of a lifetime or an existential threat. Learn how companies with a core competence in data management have benefited from faster, more-informed operational business decisions, and results that range from better customer engagement to improved patient outcomes.

At Architecture Day, included in your full conference pass to Informatica World, you will have the opportunity to interact with, and learn from, Informatica leaders and peers from a variety of industries.

Focus of Track:

  • Business and IT-lead transformation planning
  • Transformative technologies in support of Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Big Data, MDM, Data Quality,
  •         Data Security, Metadata, Intelligent Data Platform, iPaaS, and Data Governance
  • Techniques for overcoming typical organizational, technological, and financial challenges
  •         standing in the way of transformation

Who you will hear from:

  • Informatica executives and architects
    • Anil Chakravarthy, CEO
    • Amit Walia, EVP & Chief Product Officer
    • John Schmidt, VP Business Transformation Services
    • Russ Conway, VP Enterprise Architecture and Business Applications
    • Richard Hare, Architect
  • MasterCard, Ram Angia
  • Allegis, Mark Brady, Senior Manager, Global Data
  • Aon, Gustav Toppenberg, Enterprise Transformation Leader
  • Bank of New Zealand, Duane McLeod, Senior Architect, Business Intelligence
  • ResMed, Udhay Durai, Manager Business Intelligence
  • Dell, Anand Singh, Enterprise Architect
  • Cisco, Matt Sidden, IT Manager EA
  • Microsoft, Pranav Rastogi, Principal Program Manager, HD Insight

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Welcome to Architecture Day
Anil Chakravarthy, CEO, Informatica
Architecture in an Age of Digital Disruption
John Schmidt, VP Business Transformation Services, Informatica
Digital Transformation is not just a buzzword; it is a label the industry has put on a profound seismic shift that is affecting virtually every organization - whether you are in the private or public sector. Dealing with the change requires leaders - and architects can, and MUST, take leadership roles. Leadership can come from any level in an organization; you don’t need to be the CEO or head of EA to drive change (although it can help). Everyone can play a key role in influencing change if you have a solid foundation and an internal reference model for defining “what” needs to change and the confidence for “how” to gain alignment for making the transformation a reality.
Architecting Data Management for Data Lakes
Duane McLeod, Senior Architect, Business Intelligence, Bank of New Zealand
Organizations are adopting Hadoop to extend their analytical capabilities with greater access to a wider variety of data, especially when access has been limited in the past. Nonetheless, without data lake management practices and technologies, business analysts can still struggle to quickly and flexibly find, cleanse, master, prepare, govern, secure, and access all types of data. Agile and systematic business practices can help maximize the probability of success for faster and more flexible delivery of trusted data. Learn how Bank of New Zealand is modernizing data delivery and using data lake management technologies and practices to drive more competitive analytics.
Building Data-Centric Security Architecture
Udhay Durai, Manager Business Intelligence, ResMed
The landscape of Enterprise Data Security has completely changed in the last decade. Due to new business models, data is proliferated across regions and shared between business entities with varying system, database, and multiple cloud platforms. Data Security was previously considered a nice to have add-on feature, but now, it is a mandatory requirement. Patching data security policies on top of existing systems can threaten system stability, scalability, and impede the enterprise user experience. This presentation focuses on must have Data Security capabilities, and architectural best practices for Data Security.
Architecting a Data Governance Foundation
Anand Singh, Enterprise Architect, Dell
Merging and harmonizing data between two large corporations like Dell and EMC is challenging to say the least. This case study offers an opportunity for gaining insights into the role data plays in an organizational transformation. From MDM, Data Quality, Big Data Lake to Data Governance, data is a key enabler for success at every crossroad in the merger process. The right data strategy and architecture not only helps to preserve business continuity, but it is also a driver for innovation. Join Anand Singh to learn how Enterprise Architecture, with focus on Information Management, played a key role in integrating business-critical data and enabling market competitiveness at Dell-EMC.
Allegis: End to End Hybrid MDM Architecture
Mark Brady, Senior Manager of Global Data, Allegis
Master Data Management has been a tough slog since its invention and doesn’t seem to get any easier—the same issues discussed at MDM conferences 10 years ago are the same things challenging these programs today. That’s because this is not entirely a technology challenge. There are ways which architecture can aid in this initiative. In this session, Mark Brady will discuss the ups and downs in a nearly decade-long journey Allegis Group has been on to build a sustainable, modern Master Data Management infrastructure. Learn about the key decisions points - which ones led in the right direction and which ones created as many problems as they were intended to solve.
How AON Architects for the Cloud to Drive Corporate Growth
Gustav Toppenberg, Enterprise Transformation Leader, Aon
In the session, Gustav Toppenberg will discuss how an enterprise architecture practice can be a strategic asset during business transformation. From his experience as the head of EA at Cisco and Aon, he'll share examples of how the EA practice was able to coordinate and influence decision makers during mergers, acquisitions and divestiture to ensure that the target state was identified, migration plans were panned and success was or is being measured. The examples will focus on the areas of cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructures, and their connections to strategic business outcomes.
Lunch: Architecture Modernization
Matt Sidden, IT Manager EA, Cisco
Evolving an Architecture organization from 'Academic artwork' with no perceived value-add to an Architecture Lead Planning model is required for successful Digital Transformation. Cisco had major business transformation drivers, primarily new business models and evolving business strategy. Along with their challenges of redundant operational processes and being perceived to be difficult to do business with, they were directed to establish an EA practice for the company and use an EA planning approach to develop new business models for the organization. Sound familiar? Come and see how Cisco modernized their Architecture practice to be integral to all planning activities.
Using Architecture to Drive Digital Transformation
Richard Hare, Architect, Informatica
An effective digital transformation program addresses both The What—the intensity of your digital initiatives, and The How—your ability to master transformational change to deliver business results. To achieve both, you must digitize the model of the company, otherwise you are only solving discrete business problems. A large enterprise with single pieces of information being used by multiple systems, processes and functions, finds it hard to understand the impacts of change. You must digitize your means for planning and delivering change BEFORE you can transform your business using digital technologies. See how Informatica uses Architecture to Drive Digital Transformation.
Acclerating Cloud with Informatica and Microsoft Azure
Pranav Rastogi, Principal Program Manager, HD Insight
Azure HDInsight is Microsoft’s Big Data platform that provides popular Open Source Analytics engines (such as Hive, Spark and more) with an enterprise SLA for building Intelligent applications for your enterprise. Informatica is a leader in the data management space. In this session, we will look at some of the patterns on how can customers leverage Informatica and Azure HDInsight to implement their big data cloud strategy.
Architecture Panel: A Conversation with Enterprise Architects
Architecture Day will wrap up with an interactive, and potentially contentious, discussion on what Digital Transformation is all about, and whether you should take a leading role, or “run for the hills.” The experts will get started with questions such as: What are some practical approaches to digital transformation? Is it more effective to drive a digital transformation top down (management-led and centrally controlled) or bottom up (flexible architectures like micro services and agile approaches with little governance)? And is it more important to get the technologies right or get the organizational priorities right? Bring your questions! Audience participation required.
  • Ram Angia, MasterCard
  • Pranav Rastogi, Principal Program Manager, HD Insight, Microsoft
  • Gustav Toppenberg, Architect, AON
  • Russ Conway, VP Enterprise Architecture and Business Applications, Informatica
  • Moderated by: John Schmidt, VP Business Transformation Services, Informatica

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