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There is no greater testament to the power of data than through our customers’ outcomes.

Since 2000, Informatica has presented Innovation Awards to organizations that are powering their businesses with data. Join them… tell us how Informatica helps you solve your greatest data challenges and deliver on the imperative to make data more accessible throughout your business.

Tell us your story! We will celebrate our most innovative customers at
Informatica World 2017.

Submit your Innovation Award Nomination in one of the following five categories:

  •    1) Data Powers Engagement:

    You are actively pursuing a customer centricity strategy based on your ability to understand your customer, the products they own, their preferences, and relationships. You can show results in increased customer engagement by moving closer to delivering seamless, integrated, and consistent customer experiences across any interaction, device, and channel. Submit in this category if you can demonstrate success in improved customer experience, retention, or loyalty through any of these activities:

    • Increased marketing effectiveness through more personalized offers, more productive sales interactions and outcomes, and more informed and efficient customer service activities.

    • Creation of an actionable next-generation 360-degree view of customers used to inform customer interactions and communications across lines of business, regions, departments, or functions.

    • Better product and supply chain information that results in faster product launches, more consistent and complete cross-channel product information, or streamlined inventory management.

  •    2) Data Powers Governance and Compliance:

    You can demonstrate a formal data governance program that spans business and IT (or will one day) and either helps business stakeholders gain a more confident and consistent understanding of data assets or enables your team to more effectively comply with regulations. It would be even better if you can communicate how this program has helped you to comply with industry regulations like HIPAA, FACTA or SOX or share your business savings by having more trustworthy data. Examples that would be good to illustrate include:

    • You have avoided fines through compliance with regulatory requirements on schedule with data you can trust.

    • Your data is managed and governed with traceability back to its origin and lineage.

    • Your data governance teams have a business glossary and tools to manage data quality.

    • You know which data is coming into your organization and leaving your organization.

    • You have enabled data governance programs powered by data stewardship best practices. These programs ensure transparency into data quality and data definition for strategic initiatives like regulatory compliance, financial risk or analytics.

    • You have made significant savings in your business processes by governing your business critical data.

  •    3) Data Powers Decisions:

    You rely on the Informatica platform to enable informed decision-making and accelerated innovation. If you are connecting data from all over the enterprise, ensuring it’s of the highest quality to power analytics in support of operational efficiencies, customer engagement, regulatory compliance or another strategic imperative… submit in this category and provide examples of any of these types of outcomes:

    • You are feeding clean data to a data lake or data warehouse for analysis.

    • You have deployed dashboards and business intelligence that informs lines of businesses including marketing, human resources, finance, operations and sales. Bonus Points if you can share screenshots to drive this home.

    • You rely on Informatica to power analytics for decision making, competitive differentiation and/or accelerated innovation.

  •    4) Data Powers Efficiency & Growth:

    Nominees in this category can draw a correlation between their use of data and their market success in reaching goals to grow revenue, capture market share or increase share of wallet. Your project or program delivers products or services to internal stakeholders and external customers in the most cost-effective manner possible while still ensuring the highest quality…submit in this category and provide examples of how you have:

    • Streamlined processes, reduced cost, improved service quality, grown revenue and / or retained customers due to this approach.

    • Reduced hardware/software costs, labor costs or costs of materials.

    • Increased productivity, accelerated time to market or increased time to insights.

    • Rapid integration time of acquired companies.

    • Meeting (or exceeding) customer acquisition targets due to improved data management.

  •    5) Data Powers Digital Transformation:

    Your organization is undertaking a digital transformation strategy by replacing, enhancing or eliminating traditional physical business processes by purely digital or predominantly digital business processes. Key business drivers include:

    • Being disrupted by new competitors.

    • Being disrupted by macroeconomic market trends.

    • Being a disruptor yourself.

    • Managing massive market consolidation, M&A.

    • Increase business agility.

    With this strategic approach, you are driving value for the enterprise as a whole, improving operational efficiencies and processes, building new levels of collaboration and communication between internal stakeholders as well as with business partners and B2B or B2C customers. You are using digital to leverage seamless end-to-end 360° views across your business, enhance existing business models and develop new ones. Submit in this category if you can demonstrate success in digital transformation that results in:

    • Increased business agility, operational efficiencies or time to market.

    • Ability to deliver unique customer experience.

    • Ability to build new levels of collaboration and workflows.

  •    6) Data Powers Journey to the Cloud:

    You have embraced the journey to cloud to drive digital transformation with data as the driving force behind this transformation.  Your company effectively manages massive amounts of data – whether you choose a cloud-first model or a hybrid approach with on premise and cloud sources.  Your data traveling across cloud and on premise systems and processes is connected, managed, trusted and secured, to take full advantage of your application, analytic and infrastructure investments. Submit in this category if you can demonstrate success and have seen results such as the following on your journey to cloud:

    • Reduced cost.

    • Increased agility.

    • Faster time-to-market.

    • Accelerated revenue streams.

We will recognize the 2017 Innovation Award submitters including Finalists and Winners at Informatica World on May 17.
Nominations close March 3, 2017.

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Please contact Informatica Customer Advocacy for questions regarding the Innovation Awards.

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